Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My First Date With 26.2

My first date with 26.2 was a success! The entire weekend up in Duluth, Minnesota for Grandma's Marathon was memorable. For starters, Minnesota holds such a special place in my heart. Vacationing in Hackensack all those years growing up and recently great training runs in Rochester and Osakis on the Paul Bunyan Trail have made me fall in the love with the state. That's why I wanted to run my first one up north. To make it 10x better, my mom decided to run and three other friends joined in too.

Everybody finished and was relatively pleased with their times. I came across at 4:25:43.

People told me you learn a lot about yourself during a marathon - they are right. Here we go (in no particular order)

  1. Nobody ever told me the moment you stop running is the most painful. It was a mix of legs locking up and near hypothermia.
  2. The main advice I was given was to run the first half slower than I want to. I would agree. I felt pretty comfortable the first half but I think running a little slower at the beginning would have helped my overall time.
  3. The PEOPLE are what makes the marathon such a great experience. The people I roadtripped to the race with - mom, Laura, Chris & Krista...the ultra girls we met on the bus ride to the starting line...the random conversations with people during the race...hearing wild marathon stories from the Rubber Ducky Man and his posse -- all of those people added to the incredible experience.
  4. Krista, Mom, Me, Laura, Chris
  5. I am capable of much more than I think.
  6. Talking to your legs and telling them to move out loud at mile 24 does help.
  7. Race volunteers are some of the most amazing people. Who willingly stands outside in cold wet conditions, cheering on random strangers while they spill the water cups you're handing them? Time to get out my thank you notes...
  8. Even as I sit sore and stiff legged while typing this, I have a wild urge to google more marathons.
  9. What are your thoughts on the Des Moines Marathon? It's one I'm mulling over...
  10. I've never felt so alive than during the marathon. Just the steady forward movement, watching the lake to my left, work stress behind me, all the like-minded people flooding around me, my mother in my heart, and my thoughts with Him.
  11. There will be definitely be a second date. In fact, I think this has the makings of a long-term relationship.


  1. You know what I think? I think you should DEFINITELY run the Des Moines marathon!!! haha. Why? BECAUSE I AM! :) So there you go.
    And for the record, I think you are amazing. I hope I can acomplish as much.

  2. To be honest, marathon is one of the most satisfying and rewarding long-term relationships i have ever had. Des Moines huh? I thought about that, but M2M is so close. Did that with KC last year and about died! Do 2 legs at M2M and you will be fine :-)It was a pleasure to get out and run in the mornings with you while you trained for this race. Look forward to more runs in the future!

  3. Congratulations on your first Marathon! "I'm capable of more than I think." Right on!!