Thursday, June 16, 2011

Let the Games Begin!

Time for the road trip to begin! We're headed to Duluth, Minnesota today to run Grandma's Marathon on Saturday. I'm fortunate that I'll get to share my first marathon experience with 4 other amazing women.

#1 My mom: caravan driver, leader of the crazies
#2 Mom's friend Krista Heineman from Pender: ran with her at several local races, the woman is silently fierce!
#3 Laura Carmona Ceraolo: lives in Lincoln and we've ran enough Saturday looong runs together for me to learn she's a woman who can persevere through anything - especially some injuries she's been fighting
#4 Chris Hamill-Tewes: Laura's friend who lives in Omaha. Got to party with her once. I don't know if she can run but she can sure dance!
#5 - ME!

So here it is - goal time.
My overall goal is for everyone to finish and have an amazing experience. I want to celebrate the training I've put in and the good lifestyle changes I've made. I'm setting out to run with the 4:15 pacer and hope to have the courage to run smart - especially the first half of the race. The constant advice I've been told is to not go out too fast. I also pray for the strength to fight through the pain. I wish for my friends and especially my mother to run their own race and be proud of whatever time they cross the finish line.

My ultimate goal is to run for HIM. To praise Him with each step.

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  1. The last sentence is the best part of the blog. We are given this ability to run through God and may each step of the race of the marathon and every step through the walk of life bring Him all the glory. I am proud of you Amber! Not just for running a marathon, but for also making the lifestyle changes that make you a better person overall!