Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'd Rather Feel Pain Than Nothing At All...

I'm far from a psychology expert...but one thing from Psychology 101 stood out to me - the Pleasure-Pain Principle. According to Sigmund Freud, it's the concept that early on in life we seek immediate pleasure and avoid suffering in order to satisfy our biological and psychological needs. It seemed to make sense. It wasn't until I realized I'd lived a lot of my life this way and found it to be unsatisfying and needed a different way of life.

Ex - college binge drinking, overeating

When I started to take running seriously I realized enduring pain can lead to deferred gratification that is 10x as sweet as immediate pleasure.

Ex - the endorphins after a run, the feeling of stepping on a scale and seeing a lower number

The road to making dreams come true will hurt initially but as my friends Three Days Grace say, "I'd Rather Feel Pain Than Nothing At All"...take a listen.

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  1. I usually refer to this as Masochism which is something from a completely different context :-) Pain is necessary in order for us to feel, and if there is no pain we will feel nothing. You have come a long way Amber and I am glad I know you. You are a great friend, probably one of my best ones :-) I am happy that things are turning around for you!!! :-)